Tarra Rosenbaum Handmade Jewelry

Scarab Charm Bracelet


One of a kind faience scarabs adorn this charm bracelet with lapis lazuli and turquoise beads.

Amulets in the shape of scarab beetles were used in Egypt as symbols of life and protection. They were often made of faience where the bright turquoise blue color increased the life-giving potency of the magic. 

Lapis represents the power of the gods to the Ancient Egyptians. It remains a powerful protector and healer. Lapis alleviates pain, insomnia and vertigo and helps to overcome depression and hearing loss. 

Your bracelet will come in an individual pouch and a poem card that reads:

"eco eco shhhh
The gods they speak forever
protected for life"

Made with love 


  • Sterling Silver
  • Egyptian Faience
  • Eight Turquoise beads
  • Five Lapis Lazuli
  • Logo Tree Charm
  • Lobster Clasp 

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