Contact us with your heart's desire. We love bringing dreams to life. Here are a few of our custom projects: 

A Moi Pansy Ring

Sterling silver with hot enamel inlay. Read more about the ring here.

Octagonal Aurora

Family diamond, 18kt gold, Aegean Blue enamel. Read more about the piece here.

Geometric Ring

18kt rose gold, smoky topaz. Read more about the piece here.

Nature Pendant

18kt yellow gold, smoky topaz. Read more about this piece here.


Sherle Wagner

When I saw the tag line of a 1964 ad that read “Who left the jewelry in the bathroom?” the SW Jewelry collection leapt instantly into my imagination.

Sherle Wagner’s renowned designs translated beautifully to this fanciful collection. Miniaturized door knobs are perfect cufflinks and the iconic dolphin pull is an elegant pendant. The company delights in presenting these pieces as gifts to its top clients. All items are made in sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil.

Photo by: David Lewis Taylor Photography

Scarab Ring

18kt gold

The Gods Transcending Earth to Heaven

Family Aqua Marine. Citrine, Praziolite, Sterling Silver with Scarab Egyptian Faience and Enamel


The Gods Pearl Necklace

South Sea pearls, 18kt gold clasp with Heqet Egyptian Faience   

The Gods Scarab Necklace

Lappis Lazuli, gold beads and Egyptian Faience

Aurora Enamel on Enamel, necklace, earrings, ring

18kt white gold Aegean Blue and Rainforest Green enamel

Aurora Bands

18kt white gold, custom enamel colors

18kt gold bands with black and white diamonds, emeralds and sapphires.

Bumble and Bumble

The “No Two Curls are Alike” campaign featured chic paisley-embellished packaging. What better way to highlight this theme than with individually hand- made earrings and cufflinks – of which no two are alike.

These beauties were given to the sales and marketing staff as part of the launch of Bb’s Curl Conscious line. All pieces in sterling silver and enamel.

Photo by: David Lewis Taylor Photography

Esther Diamond Necklace

18kt yellow gold with a diamond

Olive Branch

Carved horn (with initial), sterling silver. Read more about the piece here.

All Photos by: David Lewis Taylor Photography