Step into the brilliance of the Aurora - DRAFT 2

Your Aurora ring can be customized in various ways to make it truly yours. Pick and choose the options below for the perfect match. Once you have found your aurora send us your choices and we will respond shortly with pricing - the range is approximately $600-1800 (£500-1500), depending on your exact choice of metals and stones. We also can use your family stone and can make matching earrings.

Make it yours



You love travel, are creative and self confident, well informed, involved, passionate, exciting, impulsive, daring and optimistic. Risk takers and achievers tend to adore it.


You work and play hard, are enthusiastic and adventurous, generous, expansive, good natured and like meeting people and discovering new ideas.


You are luminous, warm and idealisitc with great energy and intuition. You love challenge and have an insatiable curiosity.


Down to earth, reliable, kind and generous, you often have a knack for identifying and bringing out the best in people. Your concern for people is genuine and sincere.


You are trusting and trust-worthy. You may sometimes feel volnerable, as you tend to be more sensitive to others and prefer a close circle of friends. As someone who loves blue, you are deeply hurt if others betray your trust.


You are highly artistic, enigmatic, spiritual and unconventional. You can be easy to live with but hard to know. You tend to protect your inner thoughts.