fuchsia orchid with a turquoise background

Budding Beauties

Nurture and the gifts will come in three fold. 

This winter my green thumb has been enjoying the fruits of its labor and keeping the feeling of cabin fever at bay. 

Surrounded by white snow and not a hint of green as far as the eye could see these buds had my heart leaping for joy. 

And when the petals decided to open with such grace and beauty I knew that I would survive the grey all around me with my turquoise walls and fuchsia flowers. 

Greeting me everyday at the office I nuzzle up and say good morning with such love in my heart.

Thinking of you Georgia O'Keeffe and the Santa Fe desert from our teenage years, warming our soul from within.  

Green Thumb Success

Neptune's Harvest seaweed plant food is just the ticket for success.

Once a month I give my plants a drink and the orchid sits in the water to re-hydrate the roots while I water my other plants. It's not the tropics here so they need an extra bit of love. 

This is the modern food of Findhorn which is famous for the 40lb cabbages from land that shouldn't have produced any food. It's also the true fairy tales that I grew up with which made me love gardening.  

Then the light, not direct but a nice dose of morning light and lots of loving words.   

This is my formula.

May we all find our tools for getting through this winter.





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