Take a journey with me as we manifest your bespoke jewellery. It is an exciting process sharing your own unique story, exploring your style and finding the perfect piece that will in turn become an heirloom for generations to come

Working within your budget in creating an engagement ring, a special occasion piece or filling out your jewellery box with a piece you have always wanted is the foundation of our adventure. There is no occasion that doesn’t deserve the utmost attention to every detail in the creation of your new piece.

I offer many ways to collaborate on a commission piece, from creating new treasures using heirloom stones to cutting ethically sourced new stones, or incorporating client’s metals into an entirely new piece, to casting with fair trade metals. In the process we have used family stones or heirloom pieces and invested the past into a present day creation.

Of course, I prefer to meet my clients in person but if oceans are between us or life’s busy schedule doesn’t allow for this, I am always happy to work using Skype and email to share in all the ways our modern world has made possible. I begin your work with drawings and paintings and we proceed from there..


Another aspect of this voyage is the unseen. It is vitally important to me in this process to energetically clean and re-charge family heirloom stones, or ethically sourced new stones, allowing them to become empowered with new life. This goes beyond cleaning in the every day sense but addresses them on a vibrational level.


Seeing your face light up when you see the final piece makes what I do every day my true motivation.