Peridot and vitreous turquoise enamel invokes the magical glimmer of a mermaid in the sparkling sea.

  • The Dream

    A handful of peridots were handed down to Tara many moons ago by her father. She wanted to honor his memory by making a proper Hollywood Glam set. Her father was a true royal in the entertainment industry and therefore most befitting his memory was this eye catching set.

  • The Expression

    We played with many colour combinations of enamel with the electric green of the peridot. Even played with the idea of each oval being a different colour but in the end the elgance was with a simple pallet of turquoise vitrious enamel and the peridot.

  • The Creation

    The handful of peridots have been hand cut giving each one a unique size and shape making them truly one-of-a-kind. Their positive energy radiates out and the complete jewellery set captivates you with their enchanting beauty and grace.