Good things come to those who wait. 

  • The Dream

    Lisa loves her colours but one thing she loves more than any combination is orange and turquoise. The opaque turquoise vitreous enamel was a known but finding the perfect orange red stone was why it took years before we found her orange fire opal.

  • The Expression

    This ring pops with all the freedom of expression that Lisa imbibes. A true colour (mavin or maven) she knew how to make a very unique ring just for her.  It all fell into place once we found her stone.

  • The Creation

    This orange fire opal is a soft stone so it would not suite every client because of the care that it takes to wear it. Lisa is one of those jewellery lovers that would monitor temperature extremes, lotion and soap, the perfect client to intrust such an extraordinary piece. Made in 18k gold with vitreous opaque hot enamel this allows for the perfect colour clash of dreams.