Tarra Rosembaum is an independent jewellery maker based in London.
 She designs exclusive pieces for a discerning clientele, drawing inspiration from nature and its perennial bounty.

Tarra Rosenbaum

I love designing exclusive pieces for a discerning clientele, drawing inspiration from nature and its perennial bounty. All pieces are handcrafted, making them one-of-a-kind creations or limited editions. The collections are predominantly in gold, sterling silver, and gold vermeil with accents of diamonds, pearls, and semi-precious gems. The collection is versatile, both statement-making as well as functional in its construction, lending itself equally to casual and formal settings.

The Studio

My London atelier is the culmination of my lifelong dream to have a studio where I can meet my lovely clients and help bring their jewellery dreams to life. It's a workplace, a sanctuary, a (very) mini boutique, and above all a place that I would be delighted to welcome you to, virtually or in person, for a cup of tea and a chat.

Your jewellery BOX and its treasures and tokens

What's in your jewellery box that wants updating? And what might be wanting in that jewellery box?

I offer my clients a jewellery box inventory, sorting throught pieces they grab every single day vs. the ones that they don't gravitate towards. We adjust lines based on meaning, colors of the stones and precious metals. Such process can be a great therapy and trip down the memory lane.


With her background in fine art and science, Tarra Rosenbaum brings a unique sensitivity and expertise to her work. Creating jewellery has been a passion since childhood, and her love for such intricate work continues throughout her life. 

Descended from a long line of creative DNA in the form of painters, sculptors, fashion and graphic designers, Tarra Rosenbaum, was born in the Netherlands to native New Yorkers. She has spent her life navigating the distinctive paces of both rural and urban environments around the globe and brings this joy for life to her creations while residing in London.

Having launched her brand alongside a show of Picasso's drawings in 2006, Tarra sees her collection as equally balanced between precious handmade works of art and infinitely wearable creations.

Our Mission

Tarra seeks to retain the sensitivity and delicacy of handcrafted pieces, believing that jewellery fashioned with a personal touch becomes infused with the creativity of the artisan. In that spirit, all designs are original creations of Tarra Rosenbaum.

Our mission is to collaborate with independent artisans from our hometown of New York City to London where our Atelier resides and anywhere in the world. Respecting and acknowledging the contribution that our artisans make to our company and paying a fair price for their skills and labor is a must. We strongly believe that maintaining these standards is what builds community and contributes to a better world.

We are a socially conscious company committed to using the finest materials from honest sources, and when possible, recycled materials from around the world while planting trees with Trees For the Future.