The perfect way to say Happy Anniversary.

  • The Dream

    25 Years of union inspired this glorious ring that speaks of shared love and wonderful moments. The blue Sapphire is imagined as an Alp lake with a deep blue depth, a symbol of their love for one another.

  • The Expression

    The blue Sapphire is 5.76 mm deep and had to be celebrated with one side of the ring showing a whole side profile. We then encircled it with the Swiss Alps snow capped with diamonds. A second home and constant playground where they share their love of the mountains and for one another.

  • The Creation

    This 4.25 ct cusion cut blue Sri Lanken sapphire sits among 113 diamond snow caped Swiss Alps and set off against emeralds for the forest below. Made in 18ct white gold the perfect setting to enhance each stone and give that crisp winter vibe.