Photo of the blue ocean coming up on the beach

October babies welcome OPAL your birthstone

The white precious opal reminds us of a tropical ocean as the sea laps onto the shore, reflecting the equatorial light as it breaks on the crystal sand. 

I'm an October baby and when I was a little girl I was gifted a little gold band that had a little opal set in a star design. I wore it day and night taking moments to look deep into the stone enjoying the mesmerizing affect it had on me. I would flip and turn it between my little fingers feeling like I was looking into a crystal ball as it would change color in every position I put it.

Here are some fun historical facts about OPALS that will blow your mind!

1. In the Middle Ages, blonde women were known to wear necklaces of opal in order to protect their hair from losing its color.
2. According to Arab lore, opal could make the wearer invisible.
3. And some cultures called it the “The Evil Eye," for its superficial likeness to the optical organs of cats, toads, snakes, and other common creatures with hellish affiliations.

So revel in it's beauty.....

Thanks to the Smithsonian for this amazing specimen from the A. Roebling mineral collection.

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