Photo of Simon Teakle in his Greenwich CT shop

Simon Teakle

It's time to finally get a man's perspective around here and who better to interview then Mr. Simon Teakle.  We met while a Nor'easter raged outside The Modern as we chatted about all things jewelry and life.

Once seated I looked ahead of us and said "isn't that someone famous?" Simon said he didn't know who it was and I feared to take a guess since I am so bad with names.  We settled into our drinks mine was "pears nicely"  and Simon had a scotch and soda which seemed to emphasize how important it was to speak jewelry with a man.

Your current locale: We live very happily in Old Greenwich.

Where do you call home: England is home.

Current outlook: Optimistic.

How did you come upon your jewelry career: A calculated accident combined with being at the right place at the right time. (Simon is quiet modest about his 15 plus years at Christie's auction house)

I met Simon one day when I popped into his shop in Greenwich Connecticut.  It has divine jewelry new and old and precious objects that fill the mind with wondrous stories. He purchased our Large Hand Carved Skull Necklace for his collection and we were so proud to join his skull display. 

 A love for skulls had us reminiscing about our favorites from our individual travels.


Mine was from Venice Italy spotted in 2011.

Simon's is Edwaert Collier Dutch 1663

Favorite holiday port of call: Lamu Kenya.

Travel must haves: Globe-Trotter, iPod with speakers, badger shaving brush and a sharp razor, comfy shoes.

Daily accessories: Patik Philippe watch with a leather band, and cufflinks.

Simon purchased our onyx cufflinks for his collection. 

We summoned my father's mad men years in advertising when working on different ways to write ST.

Your daily uniform: English shirt, English shoes, and American Jeans.

Noteworthy escapade: Walking across the Serengeti.

Partner in crime: Juliet Teakle.

Preferred music: Rolling Stones, The Clash and Beethoven.

It then hits Simon.... "I know who it is, Tony Bennett" and I say "That's who I thought!!!"

Mystery solved and we continue. 

Gold or Silver: Gold.

Favorite jewelry houses and designers: 19th Century Boucheron, Art Deco Cartier, Suzanne Belperron.

Art Deco diamond bracelet by Cartier, circa 1925


Amethyst Girandole earrings 18th century


Sapphire diamond and emerald flower by Boucheron


What is your favorite jewelry era: Late 18th Century.

What do you have right now for sale that speaks to you the most for history and design:For simplicity a gem 7.68ct emerald ring without any imperfections, the color is exceptional and the clarity like a diamond.

Past life musings: A combination of George Harrison, Buddy Holly, David Hockney with a sprinkle of Alan Bennett.

Best start for your day: Cup of tea.

On your horizon: More time to travel.

I started to put on my coat as I smiled at Tony.  He waves us over to his table and presents us with a drawing. Our brief conversation with Mr. Bennett continued as he explained that his family name is Benedetto and he signs the sketch. I was so touched. He is 88 years old, an amazing inspiration, a modern-day renaissance man who is a national treasure.....Long Life Mr. Bennett!!!!

Thank you Tony Bennett and Simon Teakle for a memorable evening.

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