Photo of the leaves of a tree in the Bronx Botanical gardens

Dancing through the Tropics and the Desert

Every year in the dead of winter we look for signs of life, and this year our search led us to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.

Behold the Conservatory:

As we stepped in, the warm air embraced us bringing a glowing smile to our face.

Blue skies outside added the perfect environment to our jungle.

Dew-dripped leaves glisten and flowers came out to say Hi.

As we walked through, each room the temperature dipped just a little more and these waxy flowers seemed a bit more protected from the cold.

And though this was a luscious environment we were getting ready for the desert.

Succulents and Cacti greeted us.

The lusciousness of nature forgotten in the dead of winter was embraced once again.

We came home to own little tropical garden and said hello to our orchid who is flowering more then last year.

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