close up of amethyst crystal

February belongs to AMETHYST!

Amethyst is a purple quartz, with a beautiful blend of faint mauve, violet, and red that can be found in every corner of the earth.  Known for spiritual protection and purification I enjoy how it guards one against intoxication and instills a sober mind. 

Historically, the finest amethyst stones were found in Russia and were featured in Royal European jewellery. It was also against the law for anyone outside of royalty to wear purple during Queen Elizabeth I monarch.  

It can be traced back as far as 25,00 B.C. found in ancient Egyptian jewelery that featured amethyst beads and amulets. 

Saint Valentine wore an amethyst ring engraved with a figure of his assistant, Cupid, hence the celebration in February.

My love for amethyst started on a trip to India in 1985 where I purchased this beautiful set.

My heart knows that this was where my love for jewelry making started as I watched the silversmith working away at his bench.  These beautiful pieces are still in my jewelry box and come out to play from time to time.


Our new addition... these little stud amethyst earrings.

Enjoy the soothing hue of Amethyst

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