bespoke octagonal aurora ring in 18k yellow gold and cobalt blue hot enamel with a family diamond ring

Aurora Custom Ring

I received the sweetest thank you note recently and had to share the story.

Given such a wonderful gift as to re-design a family diamond melts my heart.

And this post is a thank you to Elvira for allowing me to be a part of her family legacy and the continued enjoyment of her heirloom jewels for generations to come.

It started with Elvira handing me the perfect rectangle diamond .... I love the Aurora, make something with my mother's diamond that has the same feel ......  and so we went to work at once. 

Though the Aurora was designed round we were inspired by the beautiful rectangle shape of the diamond. The octagonal opening enhanced the stone and brought a lovely life to the classic aurora ring now with eight sides.  

It was strong and bold and we saw how the aurora collection was going to grow with more shapes and colors on the horizon. 

We continue to be given family diamonds to re-design and look forward to the next shape that will come our way and inspire.

Thank You Elvira For Everything!!!!


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