18k white gold aurora ring with cobalt blue enamel and a center 1ct diamond

A Love Story

We have just returned from one of the loveliest weddings and had to share Part Two of A&C love story.

They are one of the most delightful couples we know and they tied-the-knot in Savigny-Les-Beaune where we joined the festivities in 1930's Grand Style.

When the invitation arrived in the post one's creativity couldn't help but kick into gear.  

Not only did we need the perfect 1930's dress but of course the big question was what jewelry.

We decided to mix and match our metals, silver manolo, gold jewelry and a vintage dress in brass, silver and gold.

We wanted that 30's glitz look so the studio we went. Each link to this chain was hand made from a diamond shaped wire giving a lovely dimension to catch the light. We were already imagining how we were going to dance the night away.

I don't know if you know, but this was the last stop after a very long journey and when we walked through the gates to Le Maison it was a sight for sore eyes.

We were welcomed by all who we knew and immediately joined the Choir and sang to our heart's delight. We took our act on the road and performed the day of the wedding singing between all speeches, prayers and I do's. And may I also add it was all in French and Latin.

As one does in Burgundy we tasted the fruit of the gods and imbibed.

And when the day finally came, true to Albane's style everybody and everything was chill.

Lunch in the garden with only 2 hrs before the wedding.

And last finishing touches were put into place as we polished the Aurora engagement ring before it was to meet Albane's wedding ring.

And then it happened!

We loved how that 30's theme followed through to her wedding gown and showed off a lovely back.

We took goofy pictures while jazz played in the background.

And throughout an amazing dinner the speeches touched us, the performances entertained and we danced and danced the night away.

When we all headed back to Paris the celebrations continued with bumping into people at cafes and toasting the night away in good cheer.

But let's not forget where this story began, the Aurora ring for an engagement
and now it has joined a simple gold band.

Our hearts were filled with love this weekend, seeing such a wonderful couple and knowing in this world of ours that beautiful people inside and out can find one another.

Madame Albane from the moment we met, you were a kindred spirit and now you have found your lovely Charles. Your light pixie nature, deep thoughts and spirituality found the man that makes you both even more special.

And dear, dear Charles when you reached out with your wonderful plan to propose to Albane I knew you were as special as our girl and couldn't be happier that you met one another.

I Love You Both!

May Life Be Forever as Magical Together as your Wedding Day.
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