smoky topaz pendant with 18k leaves and scarab pendant.


The magic that happens between clients and my self when designing a bespoke piece is the icing on the cake in my business.  Working with amazing clients, extraordinary new gems or family heirlooms brings a depth to the pieces that sparks my love for my work. 

Recently I had the chance to design a pendant for a client and the only requirement was that she wanted it to express nature and to use a heirloom stone. 

Connecting with the citrine stone is so important and understanding the journey of the client so this piece will mark this moment in time is one of the wonderful aspects of such a collaboration. 

I started sketching and presented a few options. This was one of our favorites but we kept exploring for the quintessential piece. 

With her family growing and generations growing up before her eyes the symbol of the tree was perfect but her hip self still had to come through with the scarab crawling up the branch. 

The final piece is in 18kt gold and went on an exceptionally long chain so it could be worn long or double up as a pendant.  We are so thrilled with the piece and her thanks and continued emails expressing how many compliments she receives warms my heart and makes me thankful to do what I love.

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