Marta Abbat wearing the aurora diamond ring, bat and cherry blossom ring

The Flower Fairy

This story starts on a colorful flowery note, as we introduce our Flower Fairy to the world.

Her creations have joined our dinner parties and inspired us as they have brides, photographers and people who love all things beautiful. 

She has collected our jewelry for years and continues as today she was introduced to her new friend Azul Aurora.

My bohemian twin Marta has joined me for festive dinners in Milan, cocktails in NY and yesterday was another one for the scrap book (or this blog) luncheon in Greenwich. 

Before we could sit down to our lovely lunch we had to have the perfect bouquet and Marta went straight to work.

As we enjoyed lovely avocado toasties and smoked salmon tartine along with the lovely Brittany Asch (my new soul mate who has also never been to Miami or Las Vegas) and her assistant Nora (my grandma's name) our conversations wandered in all directions flowery. 

Our adoration for flowers has us chatting for hrs about wedding designs for this weekend, Francis Palmer's amazing vases and Dahlias, one of my favorite flowers. And once the lunch was done and everybody said good bye in addition to my new cuddling friend, Marta and I got to chatting. 

We talked about everything, from life, jewelry inspiration, to love and relationships. One never can have a good girl chat with out that topic.

Without further ado, may I introduce Ms. Marta Abbott: 

Your current locale: Greenwich, CT, Recovering from two hip arthroscopy surgeries and getting ready to get back to working with flowers!

Where do you call home: I've always been a bit of a nomad so home is more then just one place. Prague, Amsterdam, Connecticut and Rome are where my roots are.  But Rome is where I actually reside and where I plan to stay!

Current outlook: Determined and optimistic.

How did you come upon the career of being a Flower Stylist? My inclination has been to create from a young age.  I was always painting or drawing along side my mother in her studio and then later on my own.  Unsurprisingly my subjects were often flowers.  Then a few years ago I was paying frequent visits to the restaurant where an ex boyfriend was the chef.  I was always admiring the flowers in there until one day it dawned on me that I could make a living from arranging flowers, too.  I asked my ex to put me in touch with the restaurant's florist and I ended up apprenticing with him for several months.  That's how I got my start. 

Favorite holiday port of call: Somewhere warm and sunny! Bali is next on my list but so far Bequia and Barbuda are favorites. Otherwise Iceland for the incredible, otherworldly landscapes. 

Travel must haves: sunglasses, sandals, a maxi dress or two, my Tarra Rosenbaum leaf necklace because it goes with everything I own, sunscreen, a good book, a bottle of water and my flower clippers so I can do some foraging or buying at a local market and make an impromptu arrangement.

Jewelry must haves: My Tarra Rosenbaum bat earrings (always good conversation starters), my five stacking rings that I have been collecting for fifteen years, each of which has a story, a watch from my mother and a delicate rose gold Victorian slide necklace pendant with seed pearls and a tiny opal from my boyfriend which I never take off. Almost every piece of jewelry I own.

Barefoot or Blahnik: Definitely barefoot! I think my Blahnik days are behind me.

Flowers that you can't live with out:  It's so hard to choose and it changes all the time... depending on the season I'd say poppies, peonies, anemonies, amaranth, dahlias and it's not a flower, but I really love dusty miller or anything with grey or silver tones.. the list goes on and on!

Partner in Crime: My boyfriend, Giorgio, makes a pretty great partner in crime.  My partner in floral crime is my good friend Brittney Summers (aka Miss Fancyplants.)

Past life musings: I'm not sure but I think I lived somewhere surrounded by nature and close to the ocean.  I feel a stronger and stronger connection to the natural world as I get older and maybe that's my past life speaking to me. 

Iconic style muses: I hate to be cliche but I love the simplicity, charm and elegance of Audrey Hepburn.  I'm also a big fan of Jenna Lyons and I'm always curious to see what Tilda Swinton is wearing. 

Gold or Silver: Gold

Noteworthy escapades: A cross country road trip with my boyfriend last summer just after we'd started dating. It was amazing to drive through so many different landscapes and types of weather, especially the summer storms of Texas. We adjusted our plans according to what we felt like doing that day and got to know each other over three weeks within the confines of a compact car.

Preferred music: Where to begin! I love many different kinds of music but one of my favorite artists is Persian Pelican.  I've also been listening to a lot of Alt+J, Andrew Bird, Anna Von Hauswolff and Avi Buffalo but I also love classics like the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

Best start for your day: I always have some fruit and tea. Stateside I tend to stay healthier and get green juices or smoothies but once I'm back in Italy it's a lot harder to stay away from pastries or the homemade cake from someone's mother or grandmother that seem to always be in supply at the apartment. 

On your horizon: Healing my hips and getting back to Rome!

And so our day ended but our next adventure's just beginning.

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