Iris Apfel  at premier classe meeting Tarra Rosenbaum

Premiere Classe

The exclusive trade show Premiere Classe invited me to join their March show and of course I had to say YES! I packed my bags with wallpaper, felt and gold leaf and headed to Paris for my very first show.  I boarded the most chic Eurostar; fashion week was about to start and every fashionista was descending on the stylish city of Paris. 

To commemorate this moment, I launched "The Gods" Collection which highlighted my Faience jewelry and my new 18k gold collection, all inspired by Egypt.  

 It was an amazing experience from the fashion week parties to the work of a trade show and meeting so many interesting clients and making new trade professional friends.

The icon Iris Apfel  joined us at Premiere Classe.  It was probably the biggest highlight for me being a New Yorker. Who doesn't love a stylish lady who takes in the world with such exuberance.  

Once the show was completed I took in Paris and headed to the Bon Marche

to see the Iris exhibition which celebrated this wonderful woman's style and grace.

One couldn't leave with out spotting the Ai Weiwei exhibition in the main hall.

You stepped into a dream where spirit animals and monsters were flying about. 

It reminded me of an art project I did once making my lizaduck, a green duck with a lizard tale. This cross pollination of Ai Weiwei animals were so fanciful it took me to far off lands. 

It was magical.

A big thank you must go out to to my amazing host Isabelle who was also my personal chef for this adventure sprinkling amazing food throughout my stay. We had many dinner parties and she even brought oysters to the show that were just harvested that am. 

I then said good by to the stunning view I awoken to from Isabelle's apartment and have started counting down the days 'till my next visit to Paris. 


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