Enamel silver ring with a blue pansy and the words A Moi

A Moi Pansy Ring

It all began when a 19th century sentimental pansy ring slipping through a client's fingers at a Bonhams auction. 

The name of the "pansy" flower is derived from the French word "pensée" meaning "thought" becoming a symbol of remembrance.  When the pansy and the words "A Moi" are married together they read 'pensez à moi' or 'think of me'.  Thus the ring is a love token encouraging the wearer to think of her beloved.

The delicate work of bringing this ring to the 21st century began with a touch of meaning and a lot of love. The union of two embracing one another in their lives was symbolized by the eternity twist pattern around the ring. And when one makes a custom ring, it calls for a custom font. 

To have a client bring you into the folds of their family's memories is always a privilege and I am humbled by it.

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