Blue turquoise and yellow tassels with turquoise, lapis lazuli and malachite beads

A Touch of Blue

Gemstones, semiprecious stones and other natural materials harvested from the earth, sea and beast have long been revered for their decorative appeal as well as their magical potency. 

Our latest collection uses a range of beautiful, natural stones alongside bright tassels to add a splash of color but also a feeling of serenity and positive energy to the wearer. Choose from a range of eye catching colors to match your mood.

For now we are going to focus on all things BLUE, it is the color that represents peace, it reduces stress, creating a feeling of relaxation and order - we certainly feel a sense of calm if we lie on our backs and look into a bright blue cloudless sky or go for a dip in the deep blue ocean.

Our hand made bracelets / necklaces use two different types of natural blue stones - Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli. Here is a little history lesson on the origins of these stones and their properties....


Turquoise has been around since 200 B.C, it is one of the oldest gemstones known to man. Used by the Egyptian Pharos, Aztec Kings and Native Americans, it is revered for its striking colour and often used for ornamentation and decoration. 

Our Turquoise is sourced from the mines in Arizona, USA. Know for its true blue color, it is some of the best in the world.

Uniting earth and sky, this stone brings good fortune and healing to the entire body. An excellent stone for anyone experiencing exhaustion, anxiety or depression.

Lapis Lazuli

This semi-precious stone has been prized since antiquity for its stunning color; it can be found in the far corners of the earth from Lake Baikal in Russia, to the Andes in Chile, however, most prominently in mines from Afghanistan.


Lapis was ground down to make ultramarine pigment used in paint; during the middle ages it was worth more than gold and featured in some of the most famous paintings in the world from Titian to Vermeer.


Representing the power of the gods to the ancient Egyptians, it remains a powerful protector and healer. Lapis sets one’s soul free to fully express its self. It alleviates pain, insomnia and vertigo and helps to overcome depression and hearing loss.

These latest pieces are extremely versatile, they can be worn long as a necklace, wrapped round your wrist to add a hint of color or heavily layered to make a striking statement piece. 

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(Tarra Rosenbaum creates conflict free limited edition and bespoke jewelry. She is committed to working with only ethically sourced precious metals, gems and natural materials, such as pearl and recycled bone. Tarra personally sources all materials, traveling the globe to ensure the fair trade status with her venders.)

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