Fashion Designer Amanda Thompson with her dog Lilly on Bermondsey St

Amanda Thompson

Amanda and I were united by our dear friend Roger who thought we would be a perfect business match.  A year and a half later and many good times under our belts we celebrate this wonderful friendship. Opening up her shop and introducing me to SE1 and all the wonderful people in the neighborhood has truly made London home.

When I decided to start interviewing people again for the blog I had to start here with the one and only Amanda with a side of Lilly. 

Your current location: Here
Where do you call home:
Current outlook:
Optimistically in the moment
The best start to the day:
A delicious cup of coffee on my favorite chair with the sun flooding in and Lilly, my little sausage dog, on my knee snoozing.

Which flowers can't you live with out:
I love Amaryllis, beautifully ugly with a lot of drama. And hydrangea's but they just don't last.
How did you come upon your career:
It found me.... necessity is the mother of invention and I became obsessed.

Amanda hand makes amazing bespoke garments in her shop and has a lovely ready to wear collection every season. I have been dipping into it as I build my London wardrobe.  

Favorite holiday port of call:
Italy... I love everything Italian... food, wine, fabric and design.
Travel must haves:
A good face cream, passport, a pair of my grey boy cut trousers, a cool T-shirt, sexy shoes and my Tarra jewellery pieces. 
Daily accessories:
Until I met Tarra I didn't really have a go to piece of jewelry OTHER then my diamond ring. I love the simplicity of Tarra's nature work and now find my self wearing on a daily basis my gold pine cone necklace, oak tree ring, and helicopter pod pendant with a black skull and bone wing charm on it.  Definitely one, maybe all, depends on how I feel on the day.

Your daily uniform:
tomboy chic... or sometimes just plain scruffy....
Noteworthy escapade:
My travels started as a young dancer where I was given the opportunity through my naive eyes to see the world and be wowed. 

Partner in crime:
My Welsh love Martyn and Lilly

Preferred music:
My music is pretty eclectic from Bowie to Debussy and round to Blood Orange and many more in-between.
Gold or Silver:
Gold and silver... I couldn't possibly choose!
On your horizon:
moving to the country.... to open my heart and breathe. 

Thank you for making London feel like home my dear Amanda. To many more years of inspiration!!!!


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