Hand embroidered Mt Fuji and clouds on a hand made dress and gold Hokusai dragon necklace by Tarra Rosenbaum

BM Opening Night

It started with the simple question "What are you going to wear to the opening?" and so the process began with sketching, talking and then making. 

Ryoko, one of the curators of the Hokusai exhibition "Beyond The Great Wave" was the perfect client. We decided on a simple design that fit her esthetic perfectly and would be a canvas for the embroidery.  We lost ourselves for hrs in the Cloth  House here in London and walked away with the most divine indigo fabric, capturing the depths of the deep blue sea. 

The Hokusai print we chose included a dragon but we decided to omit it and instead wear it as a necklace.

Months of embroidery while commuting around London, during BBQs with friends or anywhere my hands could be busy you would find me embroidering.  

Mt. Fuji received mother of pearl beads to give that snowy mountain cap it's sparkle 

and continued them around the back of the dress.

We decided gold would be accented throughout the outfit so of course the dragon was drenched. 

Continuing with shoes

and highlights on the edges of the clouds.

The finished piece:

It was pure joy to see Ryoko wearing the dress.

It was a night to remember, the high spirits and festivity.  


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