Emerald band with two pave white diamond bands on each side in yellow gold

Emeralds & Wedding Bands

When I was invited to work on these wedding bands I found my self bringing the jewellery designer and the conservator to the project.  It all began with a family heirloom emerald band that had belonged to Sarah's great great grandmothers.  Worn with love for generations a few emeralds had been damaged and my concern was to protect them for future generations. 

Emeralds are one of the softest stones making them vulnerable to surface scratches, cracking, and falling out of their setting.  Diamonds on the other hand are the strongest stones.  When Sarah said she was looking to have a diamond wedding ring I thought what a good pairing, not only for the beauty of emeralds and diamonds but also as protection for the emeralds.

My first idea was to have two bands so we could protect the emeralds on both sides.  I then wanted the bands to be a bit higher then the emeralds so they could take on a blow instead of the emeralds. The ideal situation would be to fuse all these rings together but Sarah wanted to have the diversity of wearing 1, 2 or 3 bands at once. 

I really enjoyed the side detail of the emeralds and decided the bands should reflect it with a filigree design.

The final rings were to die for if I do say so my self but for some reason the website keeps changing the image color to be more green then true to color.  But I think you all get the idea.  

 May this delightful couple enjoy many sweet sweet years ahead

To the amazing combination of Emeralds for their compassion, and love and for the divine energy of Diamonds. Here's to a very blessed union.
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