July 26, 2016

My father was in advertising through the mad men years before my mom was even a glint in his future.  Growing up I would watch him create logos giving first a flow of creativity and then adding his attention and precision to each letter. I found my self through life drawing from this heritage and learning how typefaces can give a word a world of meaning through the right font and I have incorporated that love in all my jewellery engraving.

Most recently I have been working on his and her wedding bands with the words Carpe Diem. I picked the last font in this line up which added a nice flow and swirl, reflected the grace of living in the moment. 

An oldie but goodie was taking the ST from Simon Teakle's name and engraving them on his onyx cufflinks

He is a classic man who formerly headed the jewellery department at Christies and has a love for skulls hence our exploring the snake for an S.  You can read more of his interview here and explore his jewellery shop here.  The final decision was to marry the two letters as much as possible with the final ST on the bottom right. 

With an ity bity library of books from my father and a creative mind I go on the journey of finding just the right curly Q or Roman Times to express ones words. This is just a little part of designing a family heirloom or enriching one you already have. To inquire just email me at  tarra@tarrarosenbaum.com