pink green blue yellow tourmaline stones

Jaipur India

When I embark on a journey like this I ask the universe "If this is the right path, guide me to my success but if not, thank you for a lovely holiday."  With no expectations I follow my heart and connect deep inside to find my true path.  
When I started this journey to Jaipur it was to see if I could find ethically cut stones. I wanted to know that children were not a part of the process and that the work environments were an extension of the love the gems hold inside so they would continue to radiate love within the jewellery.  

I am overjoyed to say that in one week (a record for me) I found wonderful people and small home cottage studios where stones were being cut with such love and reverence.  

There are many truths that are deep in India for me.  One being that my journey there with my family in 1985 is where I believe I conceived my business.  In wonder, I watched a man making jewellery and purchased my first Amethyst set.  Already telling my parents... "we should bring these back to sell!" (forever an entrepreneur.)

This trip to Jaipur feels like I have come full circle for my business and connecting the links to grow in the spiritual path that is the undercurrent in all my jewellery designs.  

I was blessed that my parents were very wise souls and they allowed me to explore and push my boundaries and thoughts in life.  My spiritual path was always encouraged by them both and it is what has supported my business to this day. 

To finally bring the power of stones and their healing properties to my design is bringing me such joy, I can't wait to share this with you all very soon.  

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