A necklace of a flock of five sterling silver swallow hangs against a turquoise boat neck dress that has silk screened swallows that fly into the necklace.

Swallow Trend

~ Swish swirl twirl above, the swallow dances in the sky ~ 


Stay on trend with this season's must-have swallow motif - the playful bird swoops through our wardrobe adorning everything from jackets, dresses to statement jewelry. As seen below in collections by Valentino, Kurt Geiger and Alexander McQueen. 


Not only aesthetically beautiful, these plucky birds are packed with symbolism. Throughout the centuries, myths and legends have often depicted swallows as symbols of hope, fertility, renewal of life and freedom.


Swallows are often associated with sailors, as they signify land is near meaning a long journey out at sea is coming to an end - there is hope of returning home safely to their families. Make swallows your lucky charm with one of our hand made silver pieces, a perfect match to a summer dress! We made this one below with our dear mom and silk screened our swallows to swoop into the necklace.  


For this piece we captured the playful moment as the swallow spins around your neck. Made from the finest sterling silver, joined by a delicate chain this statement necklace will add a lift to any outfit, allowing you to flutter easily from day to night. 

For more designs see our collection 'Flight' which is available to order here.

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