Enamel Egyptian Wings radiate from a citrine and transition to a turquoise Faience scarab with three stones radiating out, citrine, prasiolite, aqua marine

The Cycle of Life

We are graced from time to time with some of the most beautiful people who come in and out of our lives. For this occasion a piece of jewellery was commissioned to celebrate their shining light and give new life to two inherited aqua marine stones.

My dear client handed me the stones and simply asked for a necklace inspired by the Egyptian collection.  Being that her mother passed away I was inspired to tell the story of rebirth which is deep in the mythology of the Egyptians. 

The design begins along the nurturing Nile River where papyrus grows and the belief is held that the river is the source of all life.

A faience scarab became the focal point with it's symbol of rebirth. The mythology was that it was like the sun god RA who was known for rolling the sun through the sky to the after life and then back the next morning.

I chose three stones that would express the path of our earthly path to the heavens radiating from the scarab.  It begins with the oval orange citrine representing the earthly plane and then transcends to the green prasiolite of our flora to the aqua marine's heavenly skies. 

We finish the cycle with the Goddess Isis' wings encircling the sun, transcending the soul. 




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