Prom, it's on our mind......

January 27, 2015

When Seventeen Magazine decided to use our "wings spread to the sky" necklace for a prom look, it got us thinking........ What did we wear to prom and if we had a chance to do it all again, what would be our top looks.


Our first look, short and sassy while sporting coral lips and our bat necklace.

We love a short dress that show off one's legs, making them look extra sexy.

Coral lips and nails, inspired by my grandma. This was her favorite color and she wore it day in and day out in the 70's.

We are not little princesses anymore so we love adding the bat necklace.

And to put it all together some fun extra height with these beauties.

Now for look number two; delectably slinky, with a long slip dress and a few pieces from our flight collection.

Click the photos to link you up to all the goodies.

With that plummeting neck line show off a bit more with our "Wings Spread to the Sky".

Champagne eyes with a touch of blue, one of my favorite color.

And to pick up on that touch of blue wear these Topaz Blue swallow earrings.

These shoes are made for walking but you're going to take them for a spin all night long.

It's one of those nights you'll remember for the rest of your life so enjoy girls!

Here is a little flash back from my early 90's prom in Santa Fe NM.