About Last Night

About Last Night

Instagram has been an amazing platform where you can find your tribe and flourish. Parry Ray is one of those stories. She walked into my life through instagram in April 2015 and became a beacon of light from England that confirmed I was making the right move to cross the pond.

A lover of my jewellery she became a virtual friend and we would talk through my images for years.

Then in the summer of 2018 we finally met at an event at Amanda Thompson's and the synergy was immediate. 

She started a podcast series, "About Last Night" exploring  creatives and their ups and downs along with finding out what makes them happy on their life adventure. With her loving open heart she draws out your essence for all to hear as she embraces you into her life. It was a wonderful experience and I felt she understood me to a T.  You can hear the whole interview here but I must say the best part is her introduction.   

She also has the most glorious voice and I was lucky to see her perform last year. Have a look on her Youtube channel here where you can see her blog videos and her music videos. She has a performance coming up in February 27th and you can buy tickets here. Hope to see you there.

A woman of many talents she constantly inspires me as she does everything perfectly I might say.  Enjoy exploring xxx


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