Laura Main on the BBC one show and wearing the Rainforest Green Aurora ring with a diamond and in 18k white gold by Tarra Rosenbaum

Laura Main X Aurora

When I was a little girl I watched English TV shows such as Are You Being Served and Dr Who on PBS.  That habit for good old English humor and drama continued in my adult years.

Fast forward to 2014 and I became obsessed with Call the Midwife and watched all the episodes on Netflix in a bit of a binge if I must say so myself.

So when Laura Parkes asked to borrow some jewelry for Laura Main in Call The Midwife I think I must have blushed.  Spotted on the BBC One Show the most gracious and lovely celebrity we have met did us the honor of sparkling on set with the diamond and Rainforest Green Aurora Ring.

Laura Main on bbc breakfast wearing the rainforest green diamond aurora ring

She continued to wear it on BBC Breakfast and then had a hard time taking it off when she was at her fitting with Amanda Thompson Couture for The National Television Awards.

Laura Main wearing the rainforest green aurora diamond ring in her fitting with amanda thompson

The media frenzy ended with a very big Congratulations for Best Period Drama at The National Television Awards.

A Big Kiss to Laura Parkes for pairing Laura Main and the Aurora ring.  You really do know how to complete a look.  That luscious embroidered blouse by Solani is to die for with the Aurora, it is on my wish list! xxx

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