Architect Sally Mackereth stands above a bespoke table she made while wearing our 18k gold wadjet twisted snake ring

Millionaires' Homes

Acclaimed London based architect Sally Mackereth wears our 'Gold Wadjet Twisted Snake Ring' in Channel 4's series "Millionaires' Mansions," a peek into the world of luxury interior design... 

Sally Mackereth transforms a former artist's studio into a fully furnished luxury apartment - appealing to an international buyer interested in Chelsea's artistic heritage. 

Traveling across Europe, she collects and commissions exclusive furniture from Paris, satin wall lining from Milan and a table made from 8,000-year old petrified wood sourced from Croatia, exquisitely inlaid with bronze detailing. 

Sally's work guarantees the use of high quality materials and the finest craftsmanship brought together in an effortlessly stylish manner - seamlessly marrying art, architecture and design. We have watched her work over the years blossom into homes we can't wait to visit and one day soon perhaps to live in.  It is an honor to see one of our pieces on such a discerning designer.   

The ethos behind Tarra Rosenbaum Jewelry is undoubtedly similar in the search for top quality results- all pieces are hand made to ensure a unique and special outcome.
This truly distinct piece is available in gold and silver for both men and women here.

The featured snake ring is part of our latest collection inspired by the mighty Egyptian Gods - symbols of rebirth, fertility and nature.


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