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Tarra Rosenbaum Handmade Jewelry

Aegean Blue Aurora Ring with a shimmer of Aquamarine

Aegean Blue Aurora Ring with a shimmer of Aquamarine

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The deep blue Aegean ocean as far as the eye can see while a twinkle of Aquamarine shines as the sunlight hits the water.   A golden hour indeed while you reach for your cocktail and watch the sun set. This gorgeous ring is the everyday ring warn day or night, black tie to t-shirt and jeans.  

Everything about this ring is made with love from the vitreous enamel to hand picking the perfect 10 x 8 aquamarine. We also use family heirloom stones and can design to any stone shape and size.  

P.S.: My Aurora is Aegean Blue and has my grandmother’s diamond set in the centre. I wear it everyday.


Each Aurora ring is hand made per order in 18k gold. If you would like to use a family heirloom stone please contact us at so we can start the conversation. Please give us 4-6 weeks to send your ring, as we make it custom for you.  

  • Aquamarine 10 x 8 
  • 18k yellow gold
  • Aegean blue vitreous hot enamel
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