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Tarra Rosenbaum

We Dream in Light Purple

We Dream in Light Purple

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Visions of cherry blossoms and purple plums dance though our head while reminding us of new beginnings as the sweet smell of spring and colors envelopes our days.

This one-of-a-kind treasure is made with a hand cut amethyst which is historically worn by royalty to signify power. This crystal vibrates feelings of serenity, healing and protection. Inverted in its hand made sterling silver setting, this luscious amethyst is held in place with delicate cherry blossom posies.  

Your ring will come with a custom pouch and a poem card that reads.

"opening petals
cherry blossoms floating down
the sound of water"

Made with love.


Each petal of these flowers has been hand cut from a sheet of sterling silver, etched and shaped to make these perfect flowers and granules centers to represent the stamen. The ring comes in sterling silver and a hand cut amethyst that is inverted in the setting.  

The ring size is 5.5 but we are happy to re-size to your perfect fit. Please email at and we will pop into the studio and make it perfect for you.  

  • Sterling Silver
  • Amethyst
  • Logo Tree Stamp and 925
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