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Tarra Rosenbaum

Cobalt Blue Flying Scarab Necklace

Cobalt Blue Flying Scarab Necklace

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This show-stopping piece features scarab beetle, wings outstretched on its journey to rebirth. Made in sterling silver the wings connect to a one-of a-kind cobalt blue Egyptian faience scarab.  

Amulets in the shape of scarab beetles were used in Egypt as symbols of life and protection. They were often made of faience where the bright blue colour increased the life-giving potency of the magic. 

Your necklace will come in an individual pouch and a poem card that reads:

"eco eco shhhh
The gods they speak forever
protected for life"

Made with love. 


The detail of the sterling silver wings were carved in wax and then cast. The faience scarab in the centre is a one of a kind piece.  We then finished the piece off with cold enamel complimenting the cobalt scarab at your request and can gold leaf.  To read more about the making of faience please read here

    • Sterling Silver
    • Cobalt Blue Egyptian Faience Scarab
    • Cold Enamel upon request
    • 22k Gold Leaf Details upon request
    • Tree Logo Tag
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