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Tarra Rosenbaum Handmade Jewelry

Silver Stud Frog Earrings

Silver Stud Frog Earrings

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These perfect little studs are great for everyday wear, they feature the Goddess of childbirth and fertility, the Heqet frog breathes life into all who wear it. 

The strength of the belief in Heket’s powers to protect women in childbirth and the body in rebirth carried on into the Coptic Christian era in Egypt, where frog amulets and ceramic lamps have been found to read: “I am the resurrection”.

Your earrings will come in an individual pouch and a poem card that reads:

"eco eco shhhh
The gods they speak forever
protected for life"

Made with Love 


  • Sterling silver
  • 1.5cm long 8mm high
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