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Tarra Rosenbaum

Soaring Gold Vermeil Swallow

Soaring Gold Vermeil Swallow

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The power of flying has long intrigued earth bound humanity. The swallow is one of the most elegant of the feathered creatures that adorn the heavens. Their pointed tails are distinctive as are their migration patterns. 

The swallow is the perfect companion for a loved one about to embark on a long journey. Pair it with one of Tarra’s mythical talismans to create your own potent amulet of charms that are easily rearranged to suit the occasion or mood with Tarra’s paper-clip link chains. 

Feel the wind beneath your wings.  

Received in a custom pouch and a poem card that reads

'swish swirl twirl above
the dance of true love of one
whispers in your ear'

Made with love.

  • 22k Gold Vermeil
  • Sterling Silver 
  • 3cm long 3cm tall 
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