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Tarra Rosenbaum

Wooden Tree Coin Necklace

Wooden Tree Coin Necklace

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Our modern day squash blossom necklace reminds us of our ancestral roots. Laying on ones neck with a presence like no other necklace we have made yet.  It stands regal bowing to the past and rooted into the present.  

Shimmering trees sit upon the wooden discs sparkling with each step.  

Trees for silver and groves for gold is our promise with each purchase.  

Made with love.



We hand make this necklace by cutting each wood disc and attach our relief logo tree to both sides, the large on the front and a small one on the back. The custom lock has a large logo tree on the front giving it a stealth presence. This comes in 90cm length. 

  • Sterling Silver
  • Wood
  • 35.5" or 98cm long
  • Logo Tree Lock


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