The Aurora Ring

The story

Once upon a ring...

I’ve never been one for convention. So, when I set out to design an engagement ring, I crafted the Aurora. Rooted in clean, classic lines, it’s a bold yet elegant piece that reflects the individuality of the brides-to-be who wear it and celebrates my love for color and the ancient technique of enameling.

Then, something fascinating happened. What was initially conceived as a symbol of the union between two people took on a life of its own. Some women were designing theirs to pass on to their daughters, granddaughters, and daughter-in-laws, starting a new family tradition. Others continued an old custom as they were choosing the Aurora to update a family diamond in a new setting. Then there were those who were falling in love with the ring itself and wore it to show their commitment—to themselves, their aspirations, their professional and emotional goals.

It was a fluid, organic process. And it was all happening before my very eyes. I had set out to design a variation of the engagement ring and, in the process, I created something that became a statement in its own right. That’s as much as a jewelry designer can ever ask for.

Tarra Rosenbaum

P.S. My Aurora is Aegean Blue and has my grandmother’s diamond set in the center. I wear it every day.


The stories you created...

Dear Tarra,

I am in love with the Aurora ring you designed for me. As you know the diamond was inherited from my Mama & I wanted it modernized. Your workmanship on this exquisite piece is outstanding.

As we collaborated together from the initial design period onward I became more and more excited to see the final product.

Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop on all phases of reworking this ring. I wear it daily and never fail to get compliments on how beautiful and unique it is.

Again heartfelt thanks and I can't wait until we design and collaborate another piece of jewelry together.


Dear Tarra,

I have always been a huge fan of Tarra’s beautiful creations and own several of her pieces, so I did not hesitate to go to her when I decided to treat myself to something special.

She showed me the Aurora ring, and I instantly knew it was just the “modern classic” design I was looking for.

I especially loved the fact that I could customize it to suit my personality. I decided on the rose gold setting with white enamel and Lapis Lazuli.

The ring is absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn’t be happier!

Grace xoxo

Dear Tarra,

Proposing to Albane was all about planning the perfect moment, place and ring...

For the ring I knew that it had to be both modern and poetic and the Aurora said it all.

I asked designer Tarra Rosenbaum, whose creations we both love, for some help and advice and we picked the Aurora in Aegean Blue with a diamond. I knew right away that its round shape, deep color and sparkle would be perfect... everything went off with out a hitch. Albane and I visited Tarra at a trunk show at Bumble and bumble where she slipped me the ring... I packed a picnic with some Clicquot Champagne and we headed to Central Park.

Albane wears her ring every single day since May 2014, and sharing this adventure with Tarra was a real blessing.