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Sketch of the Week: "Ring for Mr. V"

Mr. V is a special man who deserves a very special ring for all his good deeds he gives to the world. We kept in mind while designing that.....He likes silver not goldLoves Roman rings and pretty things but must be manly. So we are combining a V carved horn disc encircled in sterling silver with an overlay of a sterling silver olive branch.  Happy with the little jewel we couldn't wait for th...

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Who Left the Jewelry in the Bathroom

When I saw the tag line of a 1964 ad that read “Who left the jewelry in the bathroom?” the Sherle Wagner Jewelry collection leapt instantly into my imagination. Sherle Wagner’s renowned bathroom fitting designs translated beautifully to this fanciful collection. Miniaturized door knobs are perfect cufflinks and the iconic dolphin pull is an elegant pendant. The company delights in presenting t...

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